Air Taxis and the Promise of “Urban Air Mobility”

The future of aviation and on-demand mobility is arriving rapidly, with groundbreaking advances in technology and airspace integration happening every week.

More than 200 companies — including industry-leading names like Boeing, Airbus, Embraer and Bell alongside a number of startups — are racing to develop and certify hybrid and fully-electric aircraft that combine the ‘VTOL’ of helicopters with the forward-flight efficiency of airplanes to create vehicles that will efficiently move people around urban areas for a fraction of the cost of a helicopter today.

But many fundamental challenges and questions remain for the emerging urban air mobility market, as well as for other applications of the technology under development.

Here are just a few of the questions we’re exploring at Avionics International:

  • Can regulators match the rapid pace of private industry?
  • What infrastructure is necessary to launch a UAM ecosystem within a city?
  • How will eVTOLs safely and certifiably operate autonomously?
  • Will the public approve of multiple “air taxis” flying overhead at any given moment?
  • Is there enough demand for on-demand air mobility to justify the massive investment taking place?

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