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Coming Up: December/January

Here's what to look for in the December/January issue of Avionics.

Here's what to look for in the December/January issue of Avionics International:

SOSA’s Impact on Future Military Aircraft Systems

An emerging open-architecture standard called Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) may be the best thing in a long time to enable the U.S. military to specify embedded computing systems that are economical, powerful, upgradable and competitive.

Embedded Avionics: Security in Focus

Security is now the top issue embedded systems suppliers must address when developing new products. Suppliers and integrators weigh in on how the embedded market is addressing new security requirements for customers and regulators alike.

New Approaches to Cooling Embedded Avionics

As aircraft embedded systems grow in complexity and the aviation industry embraces hybrid electric power, new methods of cooling are emerging to resolve thermal management and overheating challenges.

What’s Trending: Artificial Intelligence for UAVs

For the first time in several years, we’ll take a deep dive into the sophisticated world of artificial intelligence technology within the drones of today and tomorrow being developed for military users around the globe.

Expanding Capabilities in Avionics Connectors

The requirements for higher bandwidth and lower weight and power use are driving expanded use of fiber optics in the aircraft cabin and cockpit. Connector developers are crafting components for current and newer, more capable optics technologies — some of which are still in development.

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