The Ultimate Experience in Situational Awareness

Honeywell, a world leader in avionics systems, provides high-performance integrated avionics systems and displays as forward-fit, retrofit or upgrades for the world’s finest business aircraft.

Primus® software-based avionics, the core of our cockpit systems and products, offers pilots unprecedented situational awareness, advanced flight deck functionality, increased system flexibility, enhanced safety, and increased aircraft value.

Select Primus Epic® and Upgrade Options

Primus Epic® for Dassault EASy

Primus Epic for Dassault EASy cockpits features large-landscape flat-panel displays, intuitive navigation and graphical flight planning functionality for modifying flight plans quickly and safely, and monitoring weather, terrain and air traffic. The displays offer scalable views of charts, maps and electronic engine instrumentation images.

Options include:

Baseline - new Primary Flight Display with a full scale horizon line:

• Full Take Off and Go Around Mode

• SmartRunway™ Runway Awareness and Advisory System

• Required Navigation Performance 0.3 AR

Option I - Enhanced Nav – SBAS-LPV

Option II - Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast-Out Mandate compliance

Option III - SmartView Synthetic Vision System

Option IV - Automatic Descent Mode

Option V - Dual Jeppesen Charts

Option VI - XM® Graphical Weather

Option VII - PM-CPDLC Mandate compliance in Europe

Option VIII - FANS 1/A+ and Datalink recording Mandate compliance

Primus Epic® for Gulfstream PlaneView™

PlaneView displays navigation charts, moving maps and real-time weather conditions alongside the primary flight display. The cursor control device allows pilots to scroll, point and click, and push a button to quickly call up checklists, approach charts and systems data, or alter the flight plan from the screen. The Epic system architecture and software makes it easy and cost-effective to update existing PlaneView flight decks.

PlaneView Foxtrot Options:

Basic option upgrade includes Enhanced INAV presentation, Map Ident Declutter, Improved Airway Labeling, Table Augmented Perf, and HUD II Interface

Foxtrot Enhanced Navigation upgrade includes:

• Electronic terminal charts (certified as paperless)

• Navigation accuracy upgrade: Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) enables Local Performance with Vertical Guidance (LPV) approaches

• Future Air Navigation System (FANS 1/A) Controller-Pilot Data Link Communication (CPDLC)

• Foxtrot Enhanced Synthetic Vision Primary Flight Display 2.0

• XM® Weather

Certification Foxtrot for PlaneView cockpits provides safe flights with fewer delays through improved vision. It gives pilots a natural view of the world outside; enhanced navigation that creates the shortest, most efficient routing and a truly paperless cockpit; and in-flight rerouting that minimizes weather delays.

PlaneView Golf Baseline Upgrade for G650 aircraft provides full FMS functionality and establishes an operating platform for ADS-B Out for DO-260B compliance.

Other Cockpit Retrofit and Upgrade Options

Primus Elite® 875/885 Upgrade with Advanced Feature Options

The Primus Elite upgrade is a specifically developed liquid crystal display (LCD) for CRT form/fit display upgrade providing improved safety, more efficient operations, and increased aircraft value. The flight deck upgrade delivers the most sophisticated and user friendly display retrofit available today, featuring powerful graphics and the improved clarity of LCD technology. Improved situational awareness capabilities and safety enhancements include the electronic display of Jeppesen charts and maps, XM® graphical weather overlays, and video inputs, all enabled through a cursor control interface.

Primus Elite 875 is certified and available for:

• Bombardier Global Express/Global XRS/Global 5000 (w/ Primus 2000XP)

• Cessna Citation X (w/Primus 2000)

• Falcon F900EX/900C (w/Primus 2000)

• Embraer Legacy 600/650 (w/Primus 1000)

Primus Elite, Honeywell's revolutionary display upgrade is certified and available today on 11 different platforms.

Primus Elite 885 is certified and offered by Gulfstream as PlaneDeck™ for

• GIV (w/SPZ 8000)

• GIV-SP (w/SPZ 8400)

• GV (w/SPZ 8500)

PlaneDeck LCD Flight Deck Upgrade allows you to fly safer and more efficiently, reduce maintenance costs, and increase your aircraft's value with LCD displays.

Experience Primus Elite Advanced Features Options

Primus Elite Advanced Features further increase crew situational awareness. Options include:

• Synthetic Vision which provides 3D color images of runways, terrain and obstacles, giving pilots a clear view of the virtual flight path.

• Addition of TCAS Symbology to Elite’s Enhanced Moving Map Display as an additional overlay.

• Addition of Aviation Routine Weather Reports (METAR) and Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts (TAF) to the available XM Weather Display selections.

Primus® Apex for Pilatus PC-12 and PC-12 NG

Primus Apex delivers growth for new functions through software upgrades versus downtime of adding or replacing hardware. Unsurpassed graphical displays in the ergonomic and stylish cockpit provide the ultimate flight experience and capabilities for pilots. The Apex cockpit system is upgradeable to meet the needs of current PC-12 owners. Upgrades include: SmartViewTM Synthetic Vision, ADS-B Out, electronic charts and maps, XM Weather and many more.

The new Pilatus PC-12 NG is equipped with the next generation Apex flight deck component / function options above, plus new ones.

SmartViewTM Synthetic Vision System

SmartView is a revolutionary safety feature that synthesizes key flight information from multiple sources and presents it to the pilots in one comprehensive and easy-to-understand picture. It provides pilots with an ambient, natural and continuous view of their flight path, terrain and navigational environment, without changing the way the primary flight display is used. SmartView complements Honeywell’s Interactive Navigation (INAV) system display and provides a strategic tool to enable on-screen graphical flight planning allowing the pilot to plan far in advance of events in the flight plan.

SmartView is incorporated into Primus Epic-based flight decks: Gulfstream PlaneView (G450, G550, G650) and Dassault EASy II (F2000LX EASy, F900EX EASy, F7X). SmartView is also available as an upgrade on the Primus Apex equipped Pilatus PC-12, and is integrated into the new PC-12 NG and PC-24.

Honeywell’s SmartView Synthetic Vision System (SVS) webinar addresses an overview of the system, a paradigm shift in the perception of safety enhancements and talks about future developments.

Falcon EASy II Synthetic Vision

Demonstration of Honeywell SmartView Synthetic Vision System (SVS) installed in the Dassault EASy II Flight Deck - Visual Approach without Vertical or Lateral Guidance in Hazy Conditions.

Dassault Falcon F900A/B Pilots Can Now Experience Clearer Views

Honeywell’s Primus Epic Control Display System Retrofit (CDS/R) is an evolution of the Primus® 1000 and 2000 integrated avionic systems. The CDS/R upgrades bring a number of benefits to your Falcon 900A/B:

• New DU-1080 8” x 10” LCDs integrate navigation and sensor data, flight plan with video capability and enhanced graphics.

• Increased mission capabilities and flexibility.

• Provides opportunity to upgrade to FMS 6.1 (required for XM Weather and Dual Jeppesen Charts options), SmartRunway® and SmartLanding®

More information: CDS/R for Falcon 900A/B

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